It was the one beautiful palm, standing alone and swaying in the sea breeze that first caught the eye of Palmasola’s owner. Looking to find his very own beachfront retreat, that solitary palm, which overlooked the only natural island golf green in North America and stood before a swimmable beach in one of Mexico’s most exclusive destinations, Punta Mita, clearly marked the spot.

When looking for an architect, the owner quickly fell in love with the work of Manolo Mestre. Mestre was well known for designing the homes of famous clients such as Francis Ford Coppola and heiress Isabel Goldsmith, but the passion and intimacy clear in his designs was what truly spoke to the owner’s heart.

They got to work, building Palmasola with no expense spared. Juan Collignon assisted Manolo with the architecture, structural engineers were flown in from the US, 500 trees were personally selected from Mexico and designers Erika Krayer and Ofelia Uribe created timeless interiors, calling on handmade pieces to create a space in symphony with the natural environment. Mestre’s village-like, embracing design balanced the owner’s desire to bring together large groups of friends in inviting spaces while still offering an abundance of small private enclaves.

That first sighting of the majestic palm led to this beautiful sanctuary, where the world’s most sophisticated travelers surrender to relaxation, gracious care and the freedom to enjoy their life effortlessly. It might sound unbelievable but all great stories have to start somewhere.


When the owner decided to run Palmasola professionally and make it available to others, he took inspiration from his favorite hotel companies like Aman and Auberge and hired only the most experienced luxury hotel managers. The result is the perfect blend of personalized service with the standards of a five-star hotel. Some 15 years on, Palmasola has a reputation of being the finest run estate in Punta Mita and one of the most exceptional beachfront estates in the world.

Mike O’Hara, with extensive experience in the hospitality, is the general manager of our single-client retreat, charged with ensuring that guests can surrender into their vacation knowing that every detail is taken care of. Our full-time wait staff is expert in learning your tastes and will ensure that you are in the most excellent of care. Allow us to prioritize you.

General Manager (fluent in English)
Manager’s Assistant (fluent in English)
Director of Sales & Marketing (fluent in English)
3 Waiters (English spoken)
2 Professional Chefs with complete kitchen staff
4 Housekeepers


Palmasola Staff