A Beach Villa Like No Other.
“The Top of the crop is Palmasola.
- Town & Country Travel”
Your Own Private Mexico Paradise.
“Palmasola really follows
through on the promise.”
Your Own Private Mexico Paradise.
“They have created Heaven and have
put a staff of Angels together
to make it complete.”
A Beach Villa Like No Other.
“Glorious, gorgeous and spiritual.”
An Extraordinary Mexico Luxury Villa.
“It was the most fun, relaxing vacation
I have ever had.”
An Extraordinary Mexico Luxury Villa.
“We felt so genuinely cared for.”

Your Own Private Paradise.

Experience your own private paradise in Mexico
Birds Eye View

Experience your own private paradise in Mexico

Birds Eye View

Experience your own private paradise in Mexico

Inside Palmasola

Experience your own private paradise in Mexico

Welcome To Palmasola

The Palmasola experience is about making the most of your precious time, creating space to truly be together, and continually exceeding expectations. Palmasola is universally recognized as amongst the finest luxury beach villas in the world.  Guests of this 9-bedroom beachfront 25,000 square foot villa enjoy amenities of the Punta Mita Resort, an uncompromising staff and the very best location of all Punta Mita luxury villas.

What Guests Are Saying.


“The staff, the place, every small detail added to an overall experience that was truly above and beyond any previous conception I could have had about paradise.”

“If there is ever a chance to nomiate or write a recommendation for the highest award of hospitality please let me know, you all deserve a million stars.”

“Of course I leave knowing that it does not get better than the Palmasola and the people who make it so magical.”

“We've just returned from celebrating my parent's 50th wedding anniversary at Palmasola and our experience exceeded all expectations.  The house was wonderful, surpassed only by your incredible staff, who accommodated our every request and anticipated our every need.”

“Impeccable and friendly service. 5-star treatment. Loved the little touches with cool towels, frozen grapes, delicious food and drinks, clearly a robust team behind the scenes that almost came in and out of the rooms like little fairies, never to be seen.”

“It felt like everyone was just flat out dedicated to our happiness and enjoyment.”

“Our guests were absolutely in heaven and felt really pampered and spoiled. What a special place Palmasola is. We are so happy we picked that spot to share with our family and friends, to celebrate our birthdays!”

“I could not have imagined anything better for our visit to Palmasola. They whole staff went above and beyond at every turn.”

“The food was out of this world and the entertainment in the evenings was remarkable. Definitely a trip of a lifetime.”

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“The accommodations and location are off the charts. I wish I could keep this place a secret but there is no possible way.”

“The location is perfect, the villa is lovely, the cuisine is exquisite, the experiences wonderful, and the service perfection.”

“An amazing, luxurious experience with the nicest most accommodating and friendliest team ever. Anything we asked for but more than that everything we didn’t ask for-it was there, like magic.”

“I've never stayed at any place better than Palmasola!”

“I absolutely loved all of it…from the design of the rooms and communal spaces to the proximity to the exquisite private beach, the impeccable staff doting on us and the incredible food and drink in all the different settings. ”

“I have been all over to many amazing beach resorts, but this was the absolute best.”

“Amazing food & wine, incredible service-every meal and experience was exquisite!”

“Fantastic week. Truly exceeding all expectations. We knew the location was second to non, but didn't realize it would be a private hotel like experience. Sports, activities, exquisite food / service and great social time. Oliver, with his talented and personable crew orchestrate a remarkable customer experience with NO details missed. ”

“The level of service at the Palmasola is something I've never experienced before. The attention to detail and care is unrivaled and truly defines the experience. The food and beverage was also of the highest quality. I truly enjoyed every minute of my time.”

“The experience was really magical.”

“Everything about this place is fantastic. The location is unbeatable, the amenities were out of this world, the food was some of the best we've EVER eaten, and the service was above and beyond the best we've ever experienced.”

“You and your staff were so incredibly generous the entire time that it never felt like we were being served nor waited on, but rather like we were spending time with new brothers and sisters. Of course, the property and landscape is beyond beautiful and well-designed, but the entirety of you and your staff is what sets it apart from any place I’ve ever visited, and I am extremely lucky to say I have been to some amazing places.”

“I felt so pampered. The attention to detail by the Palmasola staff was the best we have encountered. Ever! Anywhere!”

“The attention to people and the warmth of the staff truly made it feel like home.”

“You have created a truly magical place where your thoughtfulness shines in the details – from the relaxing rhythm of each day, to the many unique gathering spots, to the kindness of the staff.”

“It truly was the best vacation I ever had.”

“You and your staff truly are amazing.  It felt like you had thought of everything that could possibly make a vacation more relaxing, healthy, and fun.  We also really appreciated the kindness that everyone showed our family.  You all have a unique way of making service feel more like a blessing.”

“I felt like royalty at Palmasola. And I will always be grateful to have spent time in the presence of each of you.”

“Thank You ALL - each and every one of you- for working so hard to make all our experiences at Palmasola so special. We know that it took hours and hours of work, hard work, to make everything so beautiful and seem as if it was happening like magic. We appreciated your tremendous kindness to us, and we will be thinking of each of you every Christmas and New Years, remembering the magical place called Palmasola that you all help to create. In deepest gratitude.”

“Seriously, I’ve stayed in some pretty good digs, both private and hotels …Como,Florence, South Africa…etc..BUT I’ve never stayed in a more superb location. Ambiance/service/food – could go on forever – there really is no other place I know of that compares! ”

“This was the absolute best staff in the most beautiful location. It was the ultimate in casual luxury. It was truly paradise!”

“The chef is world class; exquisitely delicious cuisine, perfect portions, original presentations and combinations. The staff, from top management to maid service, is alert, friendly, discreet, and professional. The architecture and decor are done with understatement, luxury, and authenticity; the whole place is a visual pleasure.”

“After having the greatest vacation of my life in which I cantered a horse on the beach, paddleboarded with whales, swum with sting rays, surfed with children, flown like a bird over the jungle, eaten art every day, released baby turtles into the Pacific, swung in a basket as the sun sunk into the sea, watched a flamenco dancer and an Irish fiddler perform under paper lanterns hanging between the trees, drunk watermelon and mango juice, basil and rosemary lemonade, and sipped from a coconut right off the tree while floating in a swirling pool that goes on for an infinity, been given a beer, a lime, and a paper white rose by a sailor, eaten a papaya and a bowl of guacamole with plantain chips nearly every day, walked to an island in the shape of a whale's tail, laughed late at night with my sister, gotten a massage from a waterfall, rolled in the morning sand, listened to my mother's poetry and my father's singing, witnessed iguanas and hermit crabs and wild boar and foxes and turkeys and birds of paradise and wild raccoons, swum in three different swimming pools and five different jacuzzis, taught yoga to senior citizens in the open air with a view of the waves, had dinner with Santa Claus, and fallen asleep every night in a cabana on a roof overlooking the sea, the sound of the tide rolling through my dreams, awakening to fireworks over my head at the stroke of the new year and the sounds of birds at every sunrise, what was my top absolute hands down favorite thing? You.”


“Hands down, Palmasola is the most luxurious place I have ever stayed with the highest level of personalized service I have ever received. I am already thinking about how I can get back to Palmasola! ”

“We are all in awe of this magical place that makes you feel as though you have stepped into a fairytale. My family is so thankful to this magnificent staff who took such brilliant care of each and every one of us.  None of us have ever felt so pampered!  We will truly miss, Alvaro, Carlos, Josue, Florentino, Martin and all the "behind the scenes" staff who took care of our rooms to perfection, set up games, cleaned the pool (what a task) and just made sure we had a wonderful time! We also would like to give a very special thanks to Edher!  His food is beyond anything we have ever experienced.”

“All I can say is the details in the daily workings of this staff is mind blowing. I could go on and on and give you examples with regard to every aspect. We are all finding it hard to believe that this place really exists!  Let me tell you, coming home from this past week was not easy!!  We are all truly missing everyone already.”

“To achieve this all aspects must be in perfect harmony. Well we had it. Starting with a venue that was second to none. The beauty of the grounds and the ocean setting were truly amazing perhaps only being surpassed by the level of attention and caring from our entire staff. Every single one deserves a call out but suffice it to say we have never been treat better anywhere in the world. The warmth of all was beyond expectation. I cannot of course forget to mention the kitchen and the food preparation. Gourmet all the way the only limit being your own imagination. Fresh, delicious and unlimited what more could you ask for. I know that the owner and management went to great lengths to instill the commitment to the guests but even that doesn't explain how responsive all were. My personal favorite was Alvaro. My compadre.”

“Such a great sense of place for friends to be together. The facility is comfortable while also stunning (not always the case in big homes). The staff is warm and attentive and made our people feel so welcome.”

“The buildings and grounds were impeccably maintained, the chef and kitchen staff prepared many memorable meals, and the other staff were fantastic. We would highly recommend Palmasola.”

“You and your staff are extraordinary. Every detail was beyond our expectations. Our guests were absolutely in heaven and felt really pampered and spoiled. What a special place Palmasola is. We are so happy we picked that spot to share with our family and friends, to celebrate our birthdays!!”

“Thank you so so much! You all gave us a gift of a lifetime! What a special amazing trip! You all are an exceptional team! Please make sure to keep my email for the cookbook and any other updates. We will be back !!!”

“Just wanted to let you know what an amazing stay we just had at Palmasola.  Many of my partners remarked to me that it was the best level of service they have ever had. You have created a true oasis!  Kudos to Abigail, Alvaro, Carlos and the whole team --they are the best of the best.  We couldn't have been happier with the whole experience!”

“We had an amazing time at Palmasola, largely because of the amazing job you and your colleagues do making everyone feel comfortable.  We're looking forward to returning sometime soon!”

“Wow, where do I begin? You excelled in every area. What I enjoyed the most was the genuine and sincere enjoyment the staff in our happiness. Carlos, Avalos, Tara and Abigail's smiles were contagious! One more thing, the staff blended in to the surroundings...I didn't know the team was there until I needed something and somehow they appeared miraculously...almost like they read my mind.”

“The service and staff was absolutely amazing.  I cant tell you how impressed we all were.  Truly memorable.”


“We all had a fabulous time and are already trying to figure out what we can next celebrate down there!  You and your team are incredible!”

“The orchestration of everything is over the top wonderful!  I cannot come up with enough positive things to say about the staff to do them justice.  They are mind readers and were always nearby anticipating everyones needs and wishes.  It is impossible to think of Palmasola without the wonderful staff.”